10 Reasons Why I am Thankful to be a Foster Parent

Dr. John DeGarmo
5 min readNov 19, 2020

“My home is one that has been filled with more love than I could ever have imagined.”

​It seems that as I grow older, I become more and more appreciative and more grateful for all the blessings in my life. I imagine that is simply a progression of age, and simply shows that I am getting older.

Indeed, as I do grow older, I have begun to appreciate my fifteen years plus of being a parent to children from so many different backgrounds; children in foster care. With that in mind, I wanted to share with you why I am grateful, in no particular order mind you, for being a foster parent.

1) I am thankful for the love in my home. When a child is placed into my home, they become family the very first day. To be sure, each placement is different, and there are those placements that are more difficult than others. Yet, my home is one that has been filled with more love than I could ever have imagined. And now, I have a “grandchild”originating from foster care, as I am now a grandfather to a child who used to live with us. How blessed am I!

2) The laughter is often contagious. Watching a child smile or even laugh for the first time after a life of abuse and neglect is heartwarming. I have had the privilege of watching a child who had suffered unimaginable abuse learn how to play and learn how to laugh while playing with the other children in my home. That laughter is often healing for all involved.

3) A community rallies together. Without a doubt, I could never be a foster parent without the support of others. As I have written countless times, not everyone can be a foster parent. Yet, everyone can help in some way. It has been a joy to watch the small community I live in come together to help our children in foster care.

4) Helping birth parents heal. As a foster parent, I sometimes need to remember that my children from foster child’s biological parents are people in need, and they deserve my kindness and sympathy, not my anger. By working with them, and by showing them kindness and compassion, I can…



Dr. John DeGarmo

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